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The Natural Pools Are So Nice That They Straight Up Look Photoshopped

The Natural Pools Are So Nice That They Straight Up Look Photoshopped

I hate to burst your bubble, but photo editing is totally a thing in travel. Those Instagrammers who get paid to photograph the world, always portraying their destinations in a positive light? Almost certainly all of them are Photoshoppers. Those places that look too good to be true? They probably are. And that’s A-OK, because sometimes the real world can benefit from a gentle retouch and a little bit of colour saturation.

Now, look at this photo.


You might think that’s what has happened here. But you’d be wrong. These are the Fairy Pools on Scotland’s Isle of Skye, and they genuinely look like this IRL. Google it. I’ll wait….See? It’s actually impossible to take a bad photo of this place, no ‘Shop required.


The Fairy Pools sure do suit their name. When the crystal clear water gathers, it turns such a vivid shade of aquamarine that it looks like it belongs in an enchanted forest in a world far more magical than ours. (No offence earth, you’re pretty great.)

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The series of natural pools stretch up a portion of the River Brittle and are accessed by a 2.4 kilometre return hike from Glenbrittle on Scotland’s Isle of Skye. Some are wide and deep, others are small and shallow, but each contains water so clear that you can stand there and count the pebbles.

Actual colours that exist in nature.

And the million dollar question? Yes, you can dive in for some wild swimming, but the water is so bitingly cold that only the brave or the ridiculous should attempt it, even in summer.


(All images: Daniel Stockman/Flickr)

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