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A Resort In The Bahamas Needs Someone To Look After Its Flamingos

A Resort In The Bahamas Needs Someone To Look After Its Flamingos


Is your life missing a pop of colour? Are you ready for a tropical change of scenery? Is there a flamingo-shaped hole in your life? If you’ve answered yes to any of the above, listen up — we may have found your dream job.

Baha Mar, a luxe resort in the Bahamas, is on the hunt for a CFO. A Chief Flamingo Officer, that is.


According to the job listing, Baha Mar’s Chief Flamingo Officer will serve as a supervisor in all things flamingos. Daily duties include managing diets and habitats, overseeing breeding programs, tending to sick or injured birds, and guiding educational tours for resort guests.

Image: Franziska

The CFO will work mostly in the resort’s Flamingo Mansion (yes, Flamingo Mansion), a specially built indoor-outdoor environment for the flamingos to flamingle in.

The ideal candidate should care deeply for the animals, have a generous spirit and thrive as part of a team. Sound like you? Well, hold off on handing in your resignation just yet.

To be considered, you need to have a degree in Zoology (or a related field), over five years’ experience working in the care of exotic birds at an accredited facility, a wide knowledge of biology, as well as experience in bird habitat maintenance.

Image: DeusXFlorida / Flickr

Apart from hanging out with flamingos on the daily, the biggest perk of the job is the location. Baha Mar resort is kitted-out with 2,300 guest rooms, a spa, casino, 18-hole golf course, 11 pools, 20 restaurants, and incredible ocean views to boot. Talk about a tough day at the office.

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If you’ve got what it takes, you can apply for the position online.

Honestly, you had us at Flamingo Mansion.

(Lead image: Wikipedia Commons)

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