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Is Japan’s Dutch-Themed Huis Ten Bosch The World’s Weirdest Theme Park?

Is Japan’s Dutch-Themed Huis Ten Bosch The World’s Weirdest Theme Park?

Huis Ten Bosch

Ah, Japan. Home of insane snack foods, Cat Island, and hedgehog café. Oh, and Huis Ten Bosch: arguably the world’s weirdest theme park.

The Dutch-themed amusement park is located in Sasebo, just outside Nagasaki. One of the biggest theme parks in Japan, its aesthetic mirrors that of Holland in the Middle Ages, complete with beautiful canal attractions, museums, shops, restaurants and hotels.

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Famed for its annual flower festivals and light shows, the park looks pretty conventional from the outside. But inside, it’s an entirely different story.

Huis Ten Bosch is where the wonderfully weird worlds of video games and sci-fi films collide with picturesque canals, meadows filled with tulips, and classic windmills. It’s trippy as hell, and it’s this confusing quality that keeps people coming back for more.

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It’s the place where you can order a cocktail from a robot at one end of the street, walk a few hundred metres, and be greeted by ginormous animatronic dinosaurs, or a pirate ship, or a virtual reality installation.

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Best of all, Huis Ten Bosch hosts loads of day and nighttime events year ’round, so you can witness some truly spectacular stuff like fireworks shows and festivals.

Day passes start at $50 (¥4,400). For more information or to book, visit the website.

(Lead image: Huis Ten Bosch)

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