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This Kickstarter Is Looking To Solve The Biggest Travel Problem Of All

This Kickstarter Is Looking To Solve The Biggest Travel Problem Of All

Figuring out how to keep your clothes clean, wrinkle-free and constantly interesting is a travel dilemma we all share. You want to be able to change up your wardrobe, but you don’t want to burden your luggage limit with unnecessary clothes you may only wear once.

Now, a Croatian startup is looking to solve this problem once and for all. The Unique Travel Set is the invention of founder Raseljka Maras, who wanted to create a simple and multi-functional set of clothing that could last a whole trip without taking up space or effort.

Photo: Unique Travel Set

The kit is made up of eight parts and can morph into 30 different styles of outfit. All the garments come in the one colour, either black, grey or beige, so you don’t have to worry about matching and are made out of an elastic, wrinkle-free material. Better yet, it all packs together in a small multi-purpose bag weighing a total of 1.7kg. Not bad.

Photo: Unique Travel Set

This seems like a pretty great idea to us. Minimalism is all the rage so it makes sense to incorporate the trend into our packing. Plus, the less time we spend figuring out what to wear, the more time we have to hit the streets and explore.

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If you were interested in contributing to the kickstarter, you can do so here. If you wanted to start planning and packing for your next trip, head here.

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