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Croatia Just Introduced New Rules For Visiting Its Most Breathtaking Waterfall

Croatia Just Introduced New Rules For Visiting Its Most Breathtaking Waterfall

Krka National Park is one of the world’s most sought after natural wonders, with a million tourists flocking there each year for the unbeatable aqua water and cascading waterfall. And we can see why. But now, Croatia is beginning to find all of the attention overwhelming.

We’ve recently seen quite a few changes to how major tourist attractions are run. Due to the sensitive ecosystem of small towns, ancient ruins and natural wonders, the effect a large amount of tourists has on popular environments could be irreversible.

krka 2
Skradinski buk section of Krka National Park. Photo: dmytrok/Flickr CC

Croatia has found this with Krka National Park and as such, is only allowing 10,000 visitors at a time into the Skradinski buk section. This is the part of the National Park that has three waterfalls and a large natural swimming hole that you’ve probably seen on your instagram feed. The move is also to help protect visitors from running into potential danger from overcrowding. It will be enforced as of this European summer.

krka 3
Photo: dmytrok/Flickr CC

Conde Nast Traveler reported last year that Croatia’s other beautiful attraction, Plitvice Lakes National Park, came into some trouble when tourists started venturing off the allocated path to take better photos. As a result, the landscape was damaged and it was nearly removed from the UNESCO World Heritage Site. Sad faces all around.

Tourists walking through Krka. Photo: Wikipedia Creative Commons

While getting the perfect pic is super important (don’t we know it), making sure we take care of our natural habitat is even more so. We want to be enjoying these places for years and years to come. So we think Croatia’s move to protect Krka is a good one.

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Tread lightly, guys. And purchase tickets for Krka National Park here.


(Lead image: remmmlloyd/Instagram)

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