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You Can Now Glamp In These Flash Treehouses In Plitvice, Croatia

You Can Now Glamp In These Flash Treehouses In Plitvice, Croatia

Plitvice Holiday Resort

Living in a treehouse was pretty much every kid’s dream growing up. After all, who didn’t want to live like Tarzan amongst the trees and feel like a total badass for sleeping a whole 50 metres away from our parents? But when we think about the logistics of sleeping in a treehouse, it doesn’t seem quite as appealing or comfortable. That is, unless, you happen to be staying at Plitvice Holiday Resort in Croatia.


These Plitvice treehouses are the perfect mix of adventure and luxury. Perched above the majestic Plitvice Lakes, the spacious treehouses accommodate up to four guests in two bedrooms and feature two bathrooms, a kitchen, a terrace and amenities. Oh, and they even have wi-fi. Which is just as well, as with a minimalistic, Scandi-style design and luxe interiors, you’re going to want to be Instagramming your treehouse experience.


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With five treehouses on site, each one is nestled into the crown of an oak tree. But if the idea of being suspended on stilts feels a little precarious, you can rest easy knowing that they’re also supported by steel columns. If sleeping amidst the canopies still isn’t really your thing, the 50,000sqm Plitvice Holiday Resort also has cosy lakeside houses, teepee tents and mobile homes.

The resort is located 8 kms from Croatia’s oldest and biggest national park, famous for its turquoise lakes. However, the resort feels like its only a mini national park. “We wanted to create an environment of mini-Plitvice, complete with a lake, waterfalls, and lakeside promenade, and we hope it comes close,” Plitvice Holiday Resort told Lonely Planet.

You can learn more about the Plitvice Glamping Treehouses here.

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