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Festival Bucket List: The Battle of Enfarinats, Spain

Festival Bucket List: The Battle of Enfarinats, Spain

Festivals come in all shapes and sizes – from mega four-day festivals to tiny events held in equally as tiny spaces – but above all else, an epic festival is something you’ll be bragging about for years to come. Here’s another to add to your growing Festival Bucket List.

What: A mock battle outside a Spanish town hall with one unique twist. Instead of fake swords and shields, The Battle of Enfarinats sees participants take part in an all out food fight, attacking each other with eggs, flour and firecrackers.

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Where: The Spanish town of Ibi in Alicante hosts this historic festival.

When: Every December 28th, for over 200 years.

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About the day: The Battle of Enfarinats sees a group of married men (donned Els Enfarinats) staging a mock coup to take over the town. They dress in military clothing and declare new (and often ridiculous) rules for the people of the town. Following their demonstration, another group, La Oposicio, try to restore order, which results in a blaze of flour bombs, eggs being thrown and fireworks being set off. At the end of the day, any money collected in fines as part of Els Enfarinats‘ regime is donated to charity.


Why should you go? Fooooood fiiiiiiiight… need I say more?

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