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This Champ Faking His Dream Holiday With Green Screen Is A Whole Mood

This Champ Faking His Dream Holiday With Green Screen Is A Whole Mood

This Guy Couldn't Afford To Visit Hawaii So He Made A Fake Holiday Video

You know what sucks? Things cost money. The fact that we can’t jet off on a dream holiday for zero dollars is a total rip off tbh. But having no money didn’t stop this legend and total travel inspiration from creating his own fake holiday video of a Hawaiian getaway with nothing but a green screen and a wig.

Twitter user @aanthonyy07 couldn’t afford to go on a real holiday, so he set up a green screen and filmed an entire “trip” to Hawaii. And damn, if it doesn’t look like travel goals.

Set to the iconic banger “Hawaiin Rollercoaster Ride” from the absolutely classic film Lilo and Stitch, the video shows @aanthonyy07 at the airport and on the plane before he touches down on the island.

From there, he swims at the beach, sips cocktails by the pool, visits one of Hawaii’s famous volcanos and even goes surfing with Lilo and Stitch themselves.


His holiday takes him to Ho’omaluhia Botanical Garden, gets him dunked by a wave, sees him playing with a very good pupper, and finishes up on the sand watching the sunset. How’s the serenity?

The video resonated with a lot of people who don’t have the cash to splash on a dream holiday (haha same!). It’s got more than 654,000 likes, 202,000 retweets and thousands of comments.

“Definition of balling on a budget,” said another, who is not lying.

People have called the fake holiday video Oscars-worthy, but others are less impressed.

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No matter what you think of his video editing skills, don’t lose sight of the real message here: you deserve a holiday right now, real or not.

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(Lead image: @aanthonyy07 / Twitter)

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