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Finally, You Can Get A Face Mask With Your Pet’s Face Printed On It

Finally, You Can Get A Face Mask With Your Pet’s Face Printed On It

Face Masks: Petflair Is Making Cloth Masks With Your Pet's Face On Them

We can all agree that wearing face masks is good. Love this for you, you socially-distancing legend! Besides, I don’t know another way you can get your pet’s adorable face on your own gorgeous face. That’s what Petflair is doing, and we’re extremely into it.

The Aussie company is making cloth face masks that you can get with your pet’s face printed on them. They’re very colourful and extremely cute. And, even better, 25 percent of the proceeds go to Pound Paws, a charity that helps pounds and rescue centres re-home animals in Australia.

The face masks are made to Department of Health and Human Services guidelines and contain three layers, including a 100 percent polyester top layer and 100 percent cotton layer filter pocket.


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All you have to do to order one is select a fabric colour and upload a photo of your pet. The Petflair team will do the rest, creating a gorgeous collage of your furry friend’s face and hand-sewing a mask to print it on.

They seem pretty flexible with what they’ll print, too. Someone in the Facebook comments asked if they could have two pets on a mask and were told to DM the company to arrange it.

These things are in high demand so delivery is expected to take between four to six weeks. We reckon that’s worth it to rep your four-legged friend whenever you go outside.

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Now, I don’t have a pet (thank you, it is sad). But I would 100 percent get matching masks for me and my BFF with her dog’s face on them.

If you’re all set for face masks or looking to expand your range of animal-centric clothing, Petflair will also print your pet’s face on swimwear and towels.

The masks will only be available for a limited time, so don’t wait too long if you’re keen to get in on this fashion.

(Lead image: Brittany Bloomer / Instagram)

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