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Excuse Me But This Melbourne Restaurant Is Doing Bottomless Gnocchi For $30 All Month

Excuse Me But This Melbourne Restaurant Is Doing Bottomless Gnocchi For $30 All Month

Mamma's Boy Trattoria Is Offering Bottomless Gnocchi For $30 This Month

The list of things that matter in life goes: dogs, gnocchi, friends, everything else. Mamma’s Boy Trattoria in Melbourne certainly seems to agree, because they’re doing bottomless gnocchi for $30 until the end of the month.

That’s right, hand over 30 dollarydoos and you can eat as much of the little pasta pillows as your body can handle in a two-hour session.


The gnocchi here is homemade, and delicious, and you can choose from four sauces to heap on top. Work your way through bolognese, napoli, a four-cheese sauce, and a creamy lil’ mushroom and spinach number, or stick to your fave flave for the entire session – no judgies.


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You’re free to order sides off the menu if you want to spice up your spread, too. Reckon you could fit in a cannoli or two, or maybe a tiramisu?

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Mamma’s Boy Trattoria is offering the bottomless gnocchi deal for dinner from Tuesday to Sunday, and lunch from Friday to Sunday. You have to book in advance and mention “bottomless gnocchi” during the process to secure your table. And then all the gnocchi in the world (that you can physically eat in two hours) is yours, baby!

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(Lead image: Mamma’s Boy Trattoria)

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