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Ever Wanted To Stay In A Dolly Parton-Themed Hotel Room?

Ever Wanted To Stay In A Dolly Parton-Themed Hotel Room?

At Hicksville Pines Chalet and Motel, you can take your pick between a Dolly Parton, Twin Peaks, and John Waters-themed hotel rooms.

But that’s not all, it seems the owners and operators are really trying to tap into the fanboy/girl market with a Dungeons and Dragons available for rent at Hicksville too. Located in Idyllwild, California near Palm Springs, this kooky hotel is definitely one for pop culture obsessives and the owners clearly have a thing for cult classics.

The Dolly Parton room is a tribute to all things country, with the motel owners stating their fondness for Ms Parton and her home state of Tennessee. The quarters feature wooden everything, as well as a hot tub and deck looking out onto the surrounding mountains. It also includes a Dolly pinball machine and every Dolly record and film for your viewing and listening pleasure. Check-in times vary from 9 To 5. (Badoom, ching.)

The Dungeons & Dragons Room has floor-to-ceiling bookcases filled with comic books, a board game table, and multiple TVs with PS4s and games for all your nerdy needs.

Screen Shot 2016-10-05 at 11.48.03 am

The Mondo Trasho room is also a standout, and you’re sure to have a Divine time in the tribute to the king of bad taste, John Waters. The room comes fully stocked with a ceiling mounted television and an entire closet of outfits from Divine, Cry Baby and more. Oh, and of course, an astroturf bathroom. It’ll feel good to be Queen for a day.

Screen Shot 2016-10-05 at 11.58.42 am

The penthouse suite at Hicksville is a Twin Peaks-themed three bedroom townhouse called The Great Northern which comes fully decked out with its own full kitchen, fireplace, and bar. Besides looking like a house straight out of the eerie town, it also comes with a DVD set of both seasons with a dedicated viewing room, and it has fan art placed all over the premises.

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It’s said Laura’s ghost spooks the Great Northern, with the owners making a point to remind guests that the owls are not what they seem.

There’s also an adjoining eatery which, unsurprisingly, is called Damn Fine Coffee Cafe. Their speciality is cherry pie, naturally.

Hicksville originated as a similarly themed artist retreat/trailer park in Joshua Tree, but luckily, now everyone can share in the trashy fun. Rooms prices range from around $150AUD per night all the way to $500AUD per night, depending on what time of the year you book.

(All photos: Hicksville/Facebook)

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