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Ever Wanted To Own One Of Those Transparent Bubble Homes?

Ever Wanted To Own One Of Those Transparent Bubble Homes?

Everyone loves a room with a view, right?


These transparent bubbles let you sleep under the stars right out in nature. Available to purchase on Amazon, this inflatable PVC bubble tent is perfect for when you want to experiences the great outdoors, but from the comfort of a living room.

The four metre tent can adequately house two people and it’s also water-proof and fire retardant. The only downside is you need to be close enough to a power point to keep the bubble’s blower running at all time (as this pumps oxygen in and carbon dioxide out, as well as keeping it inflated).


You can score one of these transparent domes for a cool $1508AUD. Though the price might seem reasonable, it’s the shipping costs that’ll really hurt you – to get one over to Oz it’ll cost you another $783AUD, which means all up you’re looking at $2291AUD. Yikes.

If you don’t want to fork out the extra cash to buy one yourself, you can always pop on over to France and stay at a hotel that houses a bunch of them.


As one Amazon commenter put it: “[It’s] perfect for full body tanning without tan lines nor mosquitoes. [I] just love it. I use it on my front yard because [my] backyard has too many trees. My neighbours don’t like it, but I just close my eyes and pretend they are not there.” You do you buddy, you do you.

Check it out on Amazon here.

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