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Sleep In A Bubble In The Desert At This Hotel From The Future

Sleep In A Bubble In The Desert At This Hotel From The Future

Even though the future seems far away, it has actually already begun. You can now book a room at this super sleek art hotel that feels like something out of 2055, not 2015.


The Hotel Aire de Bardenas has a bit of a post-apocalyptic feel to it. Sitting right at the edge of the Navarre desert, the hotel is seemingly in the middle of nowhere, with stunning panoramic views of the surrounding wheat fields in the distance. The high-end hotel was originally conceived as a shelter from the dry winds or “aire” of the desert – the design even incorporates recycled wood containers from the local fields as a cost-effective source of wind protection for the outdoor spaces of the hotel.

The hotel itself is cleverly designed with functional and modern fixings that are centred around giant windows that provide a 360-degree view into this otherworldly landscape.


But possibly the coolest (and most futuristic) part of staying at the Hotel Aire de Bardenas are the bubble rooms, a recent extension to the modern hotel.


Given that the area can be inhospitable at various times of the year – there’s wind, dust and exceedingly high temperatures – the architects decided to build these protected and comfortable interior spaces from which you can view the vivid exterior from the comfort of your cozy mattress and lounge area.

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Aire de Bardenas is approximately a one hour drive from both Pamplona Airport and Zaragoza Airport.

(All images: Hotel Aire de Bardenas/Facebook)

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