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Celebrate Star Wars Day At Brisbane’s Death Star Canteen

Celebrate Star Wars Day At Brisbane’s Death Star Canteen

English comedian Eddie Izzard once famously joked about the fact that you never really see any food aboard the Death Star. As Izzard pondered, was there some kind of canteen where Darth Vader and his cronies would enjoy ham and chicken sandwiches or maybe even some penne all’Arrabiatta?

Lucky for us Star Wars fans, we won’t have to ponder such a wondrous canteen much longer because Brisbane is getting their very own, and just in time for Star Wars day.

Located in a galaxy far, far away err… Queen Street in the CBD, the Death Star Canteen is the work of Glen Morris, owner of the quirky coffee cart Glen’s Espresso on Ann Street. Taking Izzard’s idea one step further, Glen’s decided to open his very own Death Star Canteen for the masses this May. For the opening, Glen has promised a veritable feast of Star Wars activities as well as music, freebies, prizes, tasty food and (most importantly) a pug in a Darth Vader costume.

Don’t forget to pick up a tray!

Speaking to bmag recently, Glen has said that the Death Star Canteen “is all about Galactic domination, coffee to power an empire and making the world’s best sandwich”.

With his tongue firmly planted in his cheek, Glen goes on to say, “along with these humble goals we also aim to be a break from the ‘sensibleness’ of the CBD. We will be using the Glen’s Espresso pioneered self-service honesty box till system, which shouldn’t work but somehow does, and just generally having as much goddamned fun as we can each and every day.” Sounds pretty sweet to us!


The Death Star Canteen will fittingly open on May the Fourth, a.k.a. international Star Wars day. Check out the Facebook page for more info.

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