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You Can Sleep In A Bubble In This French Hotel

You Can Sleep In A Bubble In This French Hotel

At French hotel network Attrap’Rêves, transparent “bubble” rooms let you experience nature from the comfort of your own private fish bowl. The bare minimum of material means maximum interaction with nature.

The large plastic inflated rooms are the brainchild of designer Pierre Stephane Dumas, who aimed to create a comfortable space that is barely distinguishable from nature. The rooms are four metres in diameter and are inflated by recycled air using a silent blower.


Each bubble contains full furnishing, a queen bed and 360-degree panoramic views of the surrounding country-side, plus clear views of the night sky so you can snooze under the stars. Amenities are available in main buildings that are located just a short distance from the bubbles via individual access roads. Opaque awnings let guests choose their own level of privacy and stargazers are provided with a complimentary telescope and maps to the stars.


The Attrap’Rêves hotel now has fives scenic locales – Allauch, Forcalquier, Puget Ville, La Bouilladisse and Montagnac, with bubbles placed in high pine forests, rolling prairies, picturesque harbours and at the base of towering mountains. Just don’t take any sharp objects inside, you might leave feeling a little deflated.

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(Photos: Attrap’Rêves website)

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