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You Can Now Hire An Entire Floor At QT Hotels, So Get Ready To Party Like A Rockstar

You Can Now Hire An Entire Floor At QT Hotels, So Get Ready To Party Like A Rockstar

The only thing more rockstar than throwing a TV out the hotel window, is hiring an entire floor for you and your friends to party in without all the paparazzi. The TV thing will, unfortunately, cost you a lot of money and very possibly hurt someone down below. Hiring an entire floor to yourself though, that’s entirely possible thanks to QT Hotels.

QT Hotels across Australia and New Zealand have kicked off ‘Floor’d’ — aka. your new wild-night-in, entire-hotel-floor-to-yourself experience.

You and 15 to 40 of your mates get a whole floor, matched with individualised service from your hosts. You get to pick the package and curate your own adventure — from drinks on arrival, private pop-up bars, DJs, gifts, treats and other surprises.

Every booking will get a hallway dinner, yup, right out between all the rooms. If you’ve ever eaten at QT before, you already know the food is going to be delish (this isn’t even an add, I just really love QT, they’re next level). There’ll obviously also be cocktails.

You can then keep rocking in the hallway, or in any rooms you please, then wake up to brekkie, the best meal of the day.

“Floor’d was created with the needs of today’s travellers in mind — authentic local and individualised experiences, alongside world-class hotel service,” said QT Hotels and Resorts Group General Manager, Callum Kennedy.

“To do this, we had to redefine the hotel category by reimagining a modern guest house, develop the same attention to detail that a host has in creating their celebratory moments, resulting in this truly one-of-a-kind experience”.

Straight up, I’m into it. It won’t come cheap though, because we are talking lifestyles of the rich and famous, after all.

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There are three ‘levels’ of Floor’d bookings available. The first, from $500 per person, gets you a pop-up bar, a DJ or Acoustic entertainment, dinner and matching cocktails and brekkie.

Level two, from $750 per person, adds late check out, a DJ at brekkie and more drink options at the bar. Then level three takes the luxury up to 11 taking the party up to level 10 of the hotel, which includes two State Suites, and you can choose a party theme from Dark Circus, Gatsby or Bond. The price of this one is upon request, but let’s assume you’ll need to be a bit of a baller.

You can book your rockstar hotel life from now until the end of 2021 — perfect for all those big birthday do-overs after 2020 ruined fun. Head here to book and read more.

(All Images: Provided / QT Hotels)

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