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Dublin Is Celebrating The History Of The Pub With A New Exhibition This Summer

Dublin Is Celebrating The History Of The Pub With A New Exhibition This Summer

Museums are sacred places for the things that matter most to us as human beings. It’s why we have one dedicated to ice cream, and cats.

Now, Dublin has cottoned on to the fact that people really, really love pubs and has opened a new exhibition dedicated to them.

Ireland has a rich and storied history of pub culture. It’s one of the things — along with the stunning green landscape, classic myths and friendly people — that makes the country such a delightful place to visit. In fact, a trip to Dublin wouldn’t be complete without sinking a Guinness at an Irish local.

Photo: Larry Koester/Flickr CC

The Little Museum Of Dublin will be housing the exhibition, titled the Little History Of The Dublin Pub. The Little Museum is a delightful two-room museum that’s been regularly voted the best in the city.

stags head
Stags Head Pub. Photo: Wikipedia Commons

It will look at how the pub started, and what the earliest versions looked like, as well as how it’s developed throughout the centuries. It will also look at the history of three of Dublin’s most famous pubs, Kehoes, The Stag’s Head and the Long Hall.

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The Long Hall Pub. Photo: Peter Merholz/Flickr CC

The exhibition is open now until September 24. You can buy tickets to the Little Museum of Dublin here.

(Lead image: herooutoftime/Flickr CC)

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