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Designer Portable Tents Are Finally A Thing

Designer Portable Tents Are Finally A Thing

This lovely portable Stretch Out tent, designed by Dutch (but now Copenhagen-based) company Hanemaai, means you can be the fanciest person at the festival this summer.

Jolien Hanemaai, the company’s founder, created the portable tent kit after her extensive travels. The project is about the moment of arrival, and struggling to make a new place your own.


The Stretch Out tent was designed to provide an independent and personal space you can construct inside of the standard four walls of a hostel, hotel or friend’s lounge room. It is also a great option for a dreamy shade-covered lazing spot at a music festival.


The wooden tent frame is bundled up with a knitted wood-print rug for the bottom of the tent, a rope with a lightbulb, some sturdy beech wood tent poles, an elastic net for storage and some sheer material to drape for  intimacy.

Check out how to put it together in the below video.

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Prices are available at the Hanamaai website.

(Images and video: David Joosten/Hanemaai)

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