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This Mountaintop Cabin Is Free To Hire

This Mountaintop Cabin Is Free To Hire

This cabin that sleeps eight people is perched atop a dramatic ridge of the Foronon Buinz Mountain in the Julian Alps in Italy. Anyone can stay there for free, you just have to ascend the mountain first. And that’s no mean feat, given the mountain peak is 2531 metres high.


The shelter was designed by architect Giovanni Pesamosca to honour mountain guide Luca Vuerich who was killed by an avalanche in 2010. It was built by 12 people, including volunteers and friends of Luca, in just one day with materials delivered via 18 helicopter trips.


The design resembles a chapel, which prevents snow from building up on it. The alpine and steel hut has been a favourite retreat for hikers and nature lovers since it opened in 2012.

Perfect for the adventurous types, but maybe give it a miss if you’re scared of heights.

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(Images: Giovanni Pesamosca Architetto)

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