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6 Incredible Whipped Coffee Recipes To Make At Home

6 Incredible Whipped Coffee Recipes To Make At Home

A cup of dalgona coffee.

If you spend any time on TikTok or recipe websites, you’ll be familiar with dalgona coffee.

Otherwise known as “whipped coffee”, the drink is made by vigorously mixing together two tablespoons each of instant coffee, sugar, and hot water until it forms a frothy foam that’s poured over milk.

Dalgona coffee has been around long before the TikTok trend, with versions of the drink being in countries like India and Pakistan. But there’s no doubt that it’s been thrust into the spotlight during the coronavirus self-isolation. What can we say? We’re desperate for a distraction and we stan a recipe with three ingredients.

While the original recipe is great, some delicious variations have emerged that are just as simple and delicious.

Here are 6 incredible dalgona coffee recipes:

#1. Whipped dalgona chocolate

If you don’t like coffee but don’t want to miss out on the trend, you can replace the two tablespoons of instant coffee with the same amount of cocoa powder like TikTok user @joycexhu. She also replaced the hot water with four tablespoons of milk for an extra creamy foam.

#2. Spiced dalgona coffee

This recipe TikTok user @courtneyljones2 adds cinnamon and ginger to make a coffee with a kick. Exactly how much spice to add is up to your own tastes.

#3. Matcha dalgona coffee

This recipe by @veggiekins on TikTok replaces the coffee with matcha powder to create a delicious green matcha whipped latte.

#4. Boozy dalgona coffee

If you reach 5pm and you can’t decide between happy hour or a caffeine hit, just make the foam as normal and add a splash of booze to your milk. Baileys, Kahlua, vodka, or bourbon all work well. Pick whatever spirit you’ve got handy at home.

#5. Vanilla dalgona coffee

This luxe recipe calls for you to mix together one tablespoon of instant coffee, two tablespoons each of sugar and milk, a dash of salt, half a tablespoon of vanilla extract as well as a dash of cornstarch to help the foam thicken.

The salt will help balance the flavours and bring out the sweetness of the sugar and the vanilla.

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#6. Dalgona Milo

Of course Aussies pivoted to putting Milo in their dalgona coffee. The earliest instances of this recipe originated in Indonesia, where Milo is also massively popular, and include a few extra ingredients.

Our version is very simple, though. Mix four tablespoons of Milo, half a tablespoon of sugar, and four tablespoons of hot water until you have a fancy-as-hell cup of our national drink.

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(Lead image: Oana Cristina / Unsplash)

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