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Could You Be The ‘Northern Lights Spotter’ This Finnish Hotel Is Looking For?

Could You Be The ‘Northern Lights Spotter’ This Finnish Hotel Is Looking For?

Thinking about a tree change? How about a tree change that boasts nightly views of the coolest natural light display on the planet? Well you’re in luck – a Finnish ice hotel is looking for a professional Northern Lights spotter. No, seriously.

This dream job comes to us from the incredible Arctic Snow Hotel, located 800 kilometres north of Helsinki in Scandinavia’s wild backyard. Sitting close to the Arctic Circle, guests of the hotel can choose to stay in glass-roofed igloos where they can see the psychedelic Aurora Borealis from the comfort of their own bed.

But spotting this incredible night time phenomenon isn’t as easy as you’d think, so the hotel have decided to hire their very own Northern Lights monitor.

Oh my.

The official Aurora Borealis monitor’s main duties will include staring at the sky and alerting hotel staff and guests to the appearance of the glow-stick coloured hues above them.

The successful applicant won’t need to speak Finnish, but they will have to stay awake during a shift schedule that begins at 11pm and ends at 6.30am. Knowledge of the Northern Lights is looked upon favourably, as is a small understanding of data analysis. But hey – staring at the sky all night to look out for electrons hitting air particles along Earth’s magnetic field? Easy peasy.

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I mean, it’s a tough job, but someone’s gotta do it.

The contracted position is set to start in December and is expected to end in March or April. Applications for the position close September 11. Check out the details here.

(Images: Arctic Snow Hotel/Facebook)

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