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Could Melbourne’s Yarra River Be Getting A Floating Pool?

Could Melbourne’s Yarra River Be Getting A Floating Pool?

For Melburnians, swimming in the river that runs through the middle of the city, the Yarra, isn’t really an option. For one, it’s illegal, and secondly, the water quality is er… questionable. But Melbourne’s inner city river could soon be a choice place for a splash, according to a company that wants to moor a pool there.

Melbourne non-for-profit Yarra Swim Co have teamed up with UK Architects Arup to visualise a brand new swimming destination right in the heart of the city. The idea, which hasn’t been formally approved yet, was brought to the table at Australia’s Venice Biennale Exhibition this week, and features in the broadsheet publication of The Pool, a concept book to celebrate the event.

The idea is for a huge, public pool to be floated right on the river which, to be honest, sounds pretty appealing for a city that’s lacking the same plethora of coastal swimming spots that Sydney has.

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These waterway pools are a huge trend internationally – in the past London, Paris and Zurich have seen pools installed on their inner city rivers. There’s also that floating pool moored on the River Spree in Berlin that looks strikingly similar to Melbourne’s projected plans. Berlin’s incarnation also includes a huge wooden lounge deck, a man-made beach and an outdoor bar. We’re totally on board with this vision.

Berlin’s impressive Badeschiff pool. Photo: Badeschiff/Facebook

Designers of the Yarra River pool say they wish to build it right on the banks of the river, close to Enterprize Park, in between the Aquarium and the Queensbridge Street bridge. If the plan were to go ahead, it would cost around $6 million. A mix of sponsorships and grants would likely fund the project, but Yarra Swim Co say they’re even thinking about crowdfunding if approvals comes through. Sounds like a pretty decent reason to part with $20 to us.

Preliminary discussions have begun with key Melbourne stakeholders so keep your eyes peeled on the river for new developments.

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