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Hurley Went Back To The ‘Lost’ Island And It Was Pretty Cute

Hurley Went Back To The ‘Lost’ Island And It Was Pretty Cute

This will make you feel old: it’s officially been six years since the (much maligned) final episode of Lost aired. To celebrate, old mate Hurley (a.k.a. actor Jorge Garcia) decided to revisit a few locations of the iconic television series that, for the most part, confused the hell out of a lot of people.

If you need a little refresher on the plot, Lost followed survivors stranded on a mysterious and lush island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. That island, while fictional, was actually shot on location in the not-so-mysterious but utterly gorgeous North Shore in O’ahu, Hawaii.

This past week Jorge Garcia took a trek back to his old stomping ground – a location which he and the cast of Lost spent six long seasons getting to know.

Went to visit my old work. #Lost

A video posted by Jorge Garcia (@pronouncedhorhay) on

Jorge’s quick visit takes us to the beach camp where we saw the likes of Locke, Sayid, Sawyer, Jack and Kate hanging out when they weren’t getting chased by polar bears and big smoke monsters. (That show was next-level weird, hey?)

Mokuleia beach where it all began. #Lost A photo posted by Jorge Garcia (@pronouncedhorhay) on

Jorge takes us to Mokule’ia beach next, the location of the iconic awakening in episode one.

Police Beach where it all… Middled? #Lost

A photo posted by Jorge Garcia (@pronouncedhorhay) on

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Then we’re taken to Police Beach, which is also commonly known as Papa‘Iloa Beach, located near Waimea Valley. 

Of course you can’t go to Hawaii’s North Shore without checking out the sea turtles. Fair go, Jorge.

Sea turtles on the North Shore

A video posted by Jorge Garcia (@pronouncedhorhay) on

So nice to see you back, Hurley Jorge.

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