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We’re Obsessed With This Mum Who Made Corona-Safe ‘Cuddle Suits’ From Bin Bags

We’re Obsessed With This Mum Who Made Corona-Safe ‘Cuddle Suits’ From Bin Bags

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It’s probably the worst of times, but this whole social distancing thing is still bringing up some truly lovely stories. The latest of these corona stories is this mum doing the absolute most to hug her daughter with a DIY bio hazard ‘cuddle suit’.

ABC News reporter Emilia Terzon shared the story of her mum creating a “homemade bio-hazard suit out of garbage bags” on Twitter.

Like many of us in these weird times, Emilia explains that she was feeling anxious and lonely. You know, the times when you just need a hug from your parents.

Her mum was in self-isolation and nervous about the virus, but suggested a whole body suit as a solution.

And she absolutely meant business.

I think we can all agree the result is actually pretty rad. Who knew garbage bags could be so ‘fashun’.

Oh, and you bet your butt there are accessories to go with it.

Two weeks later, they were put to the test.

Emilia’s Mum spared no effort to make sure they could have a happy visit without anyone panicking about spreading germs.

Just look at the suits. My god, they’re magnificent.

We even got a lesson on how to fit into your garbo bag bio hazard suit.

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Let’s not forget the very important accessories.

Understandably, COVID-19 is no joke, and despite all the gear it can be a little nerve-wracking. But they got their cuddle.

This is why mums, and our families, are absolutely the best. No-one else would fight their pandemic fears for us.

Honestly, I’m logging off for the day. This is the only news I care about right now. We’ve contacted Emilia for comment and we’ll update this post if she gets back to us.

(Lead Image: Twitter / @EmiliaTerzon)

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