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4 Trends From Copenhagen Fashion Week You’ll Want In Your Spring Wardrobe

4 Trends From Copenhagen Fashion Week You’ll Want In Your Spring Wardrobe

Hello my fellow fashionistas. For the last five to six months all we’ve been wearing are leggings and tracksuit pants, if we bothered to put pants on at all. Now, however, the sun is back, most of us can go outside, and it is ON.

If you weren’t the type of lockdown person who spent a ridiculous amount of money on all the sales to ignoring the crushing uncertainty of a worldwide pandemic, then you no doubt could do with a little wardrobe restyle.

Here to help us are the very cool fashion crowd of Copenhagen, who brought 4 very obvious trends to the table after their fashion week a few weeks back.

#1 Blazers

For my personal wardrobe, blazers never left. For the rest of you, Scandi street style brought them back in a big way. Style yours with bike shorts, skirts and co-ord bottoms.

Recreate the look:

Camilla and Marc Francisco Jacket / L’agence Kenzie Double Breasted Blazer / Current Elliott The Demi Blazer / all from Order Of Style.

#2 Denim

In good news for all the pieces we already have in our wardrobes, denim isn’t going anywhere. In fact, now it’s making its way into the street style crowd and on actual runways.

Recreate the look:

KITX / Alice McCall / Cotton On

#3 Colour on colour

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We’ve put the old rule of not mixing colours and patterns to rest already, but Copenhagen is making it brighter and bolder. Go crazy, kids.

Recreate the look:

Baum Und Pferdgatern Aurelia DressGary Bigeni’s Tie-Dye Collection / Equipment Jules Slip Dress

#4 Kitsch accessories

Time to get cute with your accessories, and my teenage self has never been happier. Whether it’s bags, earrings or face masks (because 2020), let your quirkiness run wild.

Recreate the look:

Kate SpadeDoodad & Fandango / Dangerfield

(All Images Unless Otherwise Stated: Provided / Electric Collective)

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