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A Bunch Of Giant Crabs Took Over Christmas Island And I’ll Be Seeing Them In My Nightmares

A Bunch Of Giant Crabs Took Over Christmas Island And I’ll Be Seeing Them In My Nightmares

Crabs are absolutely the underwater spiders of the world, and as such they freak me all the way out. Too many legs, too many claws, and those beady eyes. I’m very happy to leave them to their water domain.

So the fact that several families found their space being taken over by huge coconut or ‘robber’ crabs while camping on Christmas Island in Western Australia recently is the the stuff of nightmares to me.

Christmas Island Tourism shared a few photos on their Facebook page of the close encounter.

Robber crabs behaving badly! 😝 a couple of local #christmasisland families had a few extra mouths to feed at their BBQ…

Posted by Christmas Island Tourism on Sunday, September 20, 2020

“Coconut crabs have an incredible sense of smell and for slow moving creatures they sure move quickly when there’s food around… would you like to share your picnic with these guys???” explained the post about this frankly rude behaviour.

I mean, SAME, but I still show a little restraint.

If we could all just take a moment to examine the most terrifying photo in the series. You cannot tell me this isn’t a scene out of Stranger Things and everyone is about to die:

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Image: Facebook / Christmas Island Tourism
Ok so I’m being a little dramatic (shocking for me, I know) but I wasn’t kidding about the size. Apparently they can weigh up to four kilograms and grow up to a metre in length, which is mental to me. Despite this, they are known to be gentle creatures, and remain a protected species on the island (i.e. no making them dinner, no matter how much of yours they just stole).

You know what, maybe it’s actually fine to keep that WA border closed (I kid, I kid, please let us in!).

(Lead Image: Facebook / Christmas Island Tourism)

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