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Meanwhile, In Fashion, Chicken-Scented KFC Crocs Exist Now

Meanwhile, In Fashion, Chicken-Scented KFC Crocs Exist Now

I consider myself somewhat in touch with fashion. Ripped jeans here, over-sized coats there — bada-bing bada-boom. Apparently, however, I’m wildly out of date.

I say this because not only did KFC partner up with Crocs to create their own style. Not only did this streetwear-meets-food collab initially feature at New York Fashion Week in February (I’m not kidding, MLMA wore them, and then again later for Paper magazine), but it also (allegedly) SMELLS like actual Kentucky fried chicken.

And apparently this is a thing we’re meant to be awed by and excited for?


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I… have no words.

While this heeled version is apparently not for sale, the regular version is, and it features a fried chicken pattern complete with a drumstick-scented Jibbitz charm attached to the top.

If my complete horror hasn’t put you off (do you boo boo), then I suppose you’ll be pleased to know you can order them online worldwide from July 28 at 12pm ET (so that’s tomorrow, for we Aussies).

While a normal pair of Crocs is around $45 (honest to god WHY? They should be $5 trash shoes you pick up from Woolies to wear in the garden), the special KFC edition is increased to $60 (again, WHY?!).

If you’re ready for your glorified chicken clogs, keep your eye on the website for when they go live. They’re limited edition, so I guess maybe they’ll go fast?

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Although I do feel it important to amplify a very good point by one Twitter user — your dog is probably going to maul the heck out of your cheap-looking $60 chicken shoes.

Just telling it like it is.

(Lead Image: Crocs)

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