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Check Out These Amazing Photos Of Windows Around The World

Check Out These Amazing Photos Of Windows Around The World

It’s good to appreciate the virtue of small things. After all, those small things make up that bigger picture, and if you can find beauty in the shards then the whole “grand design” thing will start to make a lot more sense. That’s the belief held by Portugese photographer André Vicente Gonçalves, whose Windows of the World project involves creating portraits of cities without snapping a single recognisable landmark.

Gonçalves photographs the facades of windows and arranges them into grids that showcase the architecture, design and personality of the cities they were taken in. The grids not only look incredible, but they also give us a pretty solid impression of each place. Burano in Italy is bursting with colour, while muted bay windows are popular in the chalets of the Alps.

“I always had a curiosity about windows,” Goncalves writes on his blog. “Like the structure of houses, they change region to region. It’s a big evolution from the earliest windows that were only a hole in the wall.”

Burano, Italy


The Alps, various countries


Porto, Portugal


Montemor-o-Novo, Portugal

Windows of the World - Montemor-o-Novo

Evora, Portugal


Venice, Italy


Albuferia, Portugal


Check out more of Gonçalves’ photos here.

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