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You Can Now Share Galleries On Instagram

You Can Now Share Galleries On Instagram

Instagram has released its new feature that lets you share galleries in one post.

Gone are the days of carting film canisters around the world and taking mystery mystery pics – Instagram is the way we do photo albums now. We share photos on social media so we can immortalise our trips and make sure we never forget the amazing times we shared with loved ones, strangers and life-changing bowls of pasta.

But the hardest part of posting online is probably picking which photos to post – for one photo includes your decadent plate of tagliatelle al ragù, but the other has your significant other staring off into the distance with a glass of wine in hand. Which will it be? Pasta or wined up lover? Luckily, now we don’t have to choose.


The latest Instagram update means the social media giant is now letting you showcase multiple photos in a single post. It enables users to select up to 10 photos or videos from their camera gallery, add some filters and then upload it as an album to their timelines. For your friends following your travels, this means they’ll be able to flick through various shots in one go, liking them as they please.

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Updated on February 23.

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