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Reddit’s ‘Accidental Wes Anderson’ Shows The World’s Most Whimsical Spots

Reddit’s ‘Accidental Wes Anderson’ Shows The World’s Most Whimsical Spots

Wes Anderson‘s films have a very recognisible look. Washed out pastels, symmetrical buildings, whimsical furnishings laid out in perfectly considered places.

And so, Reddit has banded together to share pictures of landmarks that look like they’re straight out of a Wes Anderson film. The thread, called ‘Accidental Wes Anderson’, encapsulates everything weird and unique about the director’s style. From bus-stops, to auditoriums, to swimming pools, there’s a bit of colourful retro all around the world that could be mistaken for a film set.

There’s this convent school in Bangkok, Thailand.

wes anderson 11

And this locker room in North Korea.

wes anderson 13

Even trains in Brussels have a Wes vibe.

wes anderson 6

There’s this auditorium in North Korea. 

wes anderson

As well as these two homes in Vietnam.

wes anderson 2

This ferry shelter in Hampshire, United Kingdom is absolutely Anderson-esque.

wes anderson 3

So is this Viking Church in Iceland.

wes anderson 7

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Vivonne Bay, South Australia

Another retro auditorium giving us Anderson vibes in Constantine, Algeria.

wes anderson 7

And this impeccably designed pool.

wes anderson 15

BRB, we’re off to watch Moonrise Kingdom and Grand Budapest Hotel for some travel inspo.

(Lead image: Singapore/imgur)

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