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Dream Job Alert: You Could Get Paid $10K Per Month To Holiday In Cancun

Dream Job Alert: You Could Get Paid $10K Per Month To Holiday In Cancun


It’s Monday. Chances are, you’re watching the clock, shuffling papers around your desk until it’s acceptable for you to leave the office.

But what if your office was the white-sand beaches of Cancun on Mexico’s glittering Caribbean coast? Well, that’s not as farfetched as it sounds.


Cancun‘s tourism body is on the hunt for a CEO – a Chief Experience Officer – who’ll be tasked with creating videos, blogs and social media posts about the Mexican city over the course of a six-month posting.

Cancun, Mexico
Image: Hermenegildo Santamaria / Flickr

The best part is absolutely no experience is necessary, and the successful applicant (or team) will be paid $10,000USD per month for their troubles. Oh, and accommodation will be provided in the form of luxe hotels and resorts.

On the itinerary so far is scaling the area’s 3000-year-old pyramids and swimming with whale sharks. We’re as confused as you are about which part of this is supposed to be “work”.

Image: iorni

To be eligible, applicants must be available to relocate to Cancun between March and August 2018 and must obtain a visa that allows them to work in the USA for the duration of that time.

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Applications are open now until Friday, December 17. The top 100 candidates will be contacted in December to complete the second half of the application process, with the top 50 set to be announced in January. The final five applicants will be flown to Cancun where the successful applicant will be selected on January 17.

Reckon you’ve got what it takes? Apply here.

(Lead image: Gerson Repreza)

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