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Can We Please Live In This Eco-Friendly Portable Home?

Can We Please Live In This Eco-Friendly Portable Home?

It’s probably everyone’s dream to live off the grid in an eco-friendly caravan, right? No rent, the ability to move around whenever and wherever you want and a a completely self-sufficient home all to yourself? It’s the dream.

But does that even exist? Well thanks to Austrian manufacturers Wohnwagon, your hippie lifestyle dream could become a reality.


The Living Wagon by Wohnwagon is a 25 square metre caravan, complete with a bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, and even a kitchen table. Made from locally sourced recycled materials, this eco-friendly pod features a larch wood outer shell, and sheep’s wool insulation to help regulate the inside temperature and humidity.


This charming mobile home is not only compact, but also completely self-sufficient – meaning, you’ll have access to your own off-grid electricity, water and waste system. The future is here, my friends.

There’s solar panels mounted on the trailer’s wooden roof which can provide energy for the entire cabin, as well as a power storage 6 kWh battery installed under the floor. For water, there’s a 140 litre tank of clean water stored under the floor which can be heated via the solar system on the rood, or by using the wood-burning stove. The composting bio-toilet even separates liquid and solid waste and turns it all into fertiliser, and the greywater run-off from the sink and shower is pumped up into the green rood and purified naturally over 24 hours. They’ve literally thought of everything here.


The wagon also features a retractable patio and awning that allows users to transform their caravan into an outdoor living room. Swanky!


You can purchase your own customisably Living Wagon from Wohnwagon which could set you back around €40,000 to €90,000 ($61,000 AUD to $138,000 AUD), depending on extras.

(All images: Wohnwagon)

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