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This Indonesian Paradise Is Only A Hop, Skip And Jump From Bali

This Indonesian Paradise Is Only A Hop, Skip And Jump From Bali

Bogor, Indonesia

Just three hours from Bali, Bogor is a picturesque holiday destination begging to be explored. The Indonesian paradise offers a completely different perspective of Indonesia, in a greener and more tranquil setting.

Whether it’s soaking up the natural sites like Bogor Botanical Gardens or visiting the hot water pools of volcano, Bogor will leave a lasting impression. It’s an ideal getaway from the hustle bustle of Jakarta and tourist traps of Bali.


Bogor Botanical Gardens

Bogor Botanical Gardens are only 60km from the hectic Indonesian capital, Jakarta. The gardens are a haven for travellers, a world away from the heavy, Jakarta macet (traffic).

The gardens’ stunning orchard house is a tourist favourite, with fountains, sprawling grass areas and giant treetops that hang overhead also on offer. From medicine plants to Mexican-themed gardens and giant flowers, the Botanic Gardens boast more variety than your average Aussie flora and fauna.

The entry fee is about $2.40 (25,000IDR) and includes entrance to the Zoological museum. For around $0.50 (5000IDR), you can also tour the gardens by bicycle, which is a good idea, considering the grounds sprawl over an expansive 87 hectares.

Cipamingkis Treehouse

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The Cipamingkis Treehouse is located in the Sukamakmur area near Desa Wargajaya. A great place to find your Zen, it’s surrounded by a lush, thick forest and stunning waterfalls.

Entry to the treehouse is cheap at around $1 (10,000IDR). Keep in mind that it’s best to be respectful of the local Muslim culture and dress modestly when swimming, as the park is frequented by Indonesians as well as foreigners. This means women should aim to wear a rashie and board shorts rather than bikini or one-piece.

Halimun Salak National Park

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Halimun Salak National Park is a favourite among tourists for its sheer beauty. Here, you can can trek through a jungle full of hidden gems like sulphur craters, rice fields, waterfalls and hot spring.

Visitors often spend several days hiking through Halimun Salak to make the most of its natural-theme-park features – Google the park and you’ll find it has a bit of everything: treetop swings, tables suspended high in the forest and plenty of spots to take a selfie – but it’s really famed for an active volcano that’s located deep in the park and regularly billows with smoke.

Sentul Floating Market (Pasar Ah Poong Apung)

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For the most authentic Indonesian dining experience in the country, head to the Bogor Floating Markets, where you can eat at the foot of the river. You can spend a lazy afternoon rowing down the river and feasting on Indonesian treats like tempeh, kari ayam, nasi goreng and mee goreng, all delicious and hearty Javanese meals.

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Be careful to choose meals that look freshly cooked to avoid a nasty case of food poisoning.

Little Venice

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For some reason, Bogor decided that their beautiful Indonesian jungle setting wasn’t enough and so they installed their very own Little Venice. Here, you can pay around $3.30 (34,000IDR) for a gondola ride which includes the admission fee, Mississippi boat ride and gondola ride.

Later, you can check out the dozen other miniature towns nearby, including Little Europe, Asia, and even the Miniature World Fantasy of Jakarta.

The spectacular natural scenery of Bogor will set the hearts of nature lovers ablaze. Its emerald mountains, thick jungles and tourist attractions will keep your schedule packed. And the best part is that the beautiful city is right around the corner from Aussie favourite, Bali!

(Lead image: Nadhofa Walannae)

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