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Cinema-Grade Bulla Choc Tops Are Now Available At Coles For The First Time Ever

Cinema-Grade Bulla Choc Tops Are Now Available At Coles For The First Time Ever

Bulla Choc Tops

One of the things we’re missing the most in iso is the cinema. But we’re not even talking about the movies — the best part of the entire experience and the thing we’re craving the most is the luxe cinema snacks. Which is why we’re very happy to inform you that you can now buy Bulla choc tops from Coles.

Now’s the time to plan a movie night with your housemates and go all out with the snacks. Like, allll the way out. Get some triple butter popcorn, the biggest bag of Maltesers you can find and a stash of cinema-grade choc top ice creams.

Bulla choc tops are now available from Coles.

The entire Bulla Creamy Classics range is available at Coles for a limited time only, from the tried-and-tested vanilla to mint, boysenberry, choc fudge and salted caramel.

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We don’t want to overstate it, but this is huge news. Normally these choc tops are available exclusively at cinemas, so the fact you can now pick a couple up from your local supermarket is a game-changer.

And the fact is, they’re just better than regular ice creams. They’ve got the perfect crunch of the chocolate dipped cover and the ice cream is absolutely always creamy smooth on the inside.

The brilliance of having an entire box of these choc tops at home is that you can smash one before the movie starts (it’d be rude not to) and then go back for round two whenever you feel like it.

(Lead image: Bulla / Facebook)

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