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Hops Right In: What To Know About Budapest’s Beer Spa

Hops Right In: What To Know About Budapest’s Beer Spa

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ICYMI, beer spas are sweeping through Central and Eastern Europe. Easily the cleverest inventions of all time – and yes, we can be partial towards a bit of hype, but this one’s well-deserved – beer spas combine the fun of sinking back beers with mates with the #zen and #health of a treat-yo-self spa day.


Among the many joining the scene Széchenyi Baths, in Budapest, Hungary, is one of the biggest and, if TripAdvisor reviews are anything to go by, one of the best. If you’re headed to the capital city soon and want to check it out, here’s everything you need to know.

How To Book A Beer Spa

Book before you go. Though you can definitely show up and see what’s available, booking ahead saves you potentially missing out – particularly as word about beer spas is quickly getting out. Opt for a one-day Széchenyi Spa pass too. The beer spa sessions only run for 45 minutes so it’s worth making the most of the rest of the facilities while you’re there.

How Exactly Beer Spa Works

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Once inside the beer spa area, you’ll be led to your private cabin to get changed into your swimmers. When you’re ready, a “Bath Master” (greatest job title ever?) will escort you into the baths room and prepare your bath. They’ll pour 36 degree water into your wooden tub, dump in a bunch of “good stuff” ingredients – explaining the benefits of each as they do – and stir it all up with a big wooden spoon.

You’ll then be invited to hop in and help yourself to local beer from a tap conveniently placed reaching distance from the tub. The BM will duck out, returning later with some Hungarian appetisers because what would soaking in a beer spa be without Hungarian appetisers?

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The Benefits Of Beer Spa

So, what exactly will the BM be dumping in? You’ll see hops, malt, yeast and beer salt all go in. Hops are known to exfoliate skin, reduce stress and, best of all considering Budapest’s strong nightlife scene, work wonders on a hangover. Malt and yeast are loaded with body-benefiting vitamins, and beer salt makes the whole bath just smell nice.

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The writer travelled as a guest of Topdeck on their Balkan Trail tour.

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