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This Super Cute Pilates Class Takes Place On A Farm With Adorable Miniature Pigs

This Super Cute Pilates Class Takes Place On A Farm With Adorable Miniature Pigs

A young woman does miniature pig pilates with a miniature pig running around her.

What’s your favourite gym class? Trick question, because no spin class could ever compete with this Pilates sesh where your workout mates are miniature pigs. It’s real and we cannot deal.

The blessed Pilates class is on at Pennywell Farm in Buckfastleigh, England. Booking a spot will get you a 50-minute workout surrounded by some very, very cute mini piggies as well as a post-workout cuddle session, refreshments and access to the farm for the rest of the day.


As if anyone needed any encouragement to sign up for a class like this, we’ve got a few choice words for you: “Exercise is an important part of life so should never be boring. You can have a real giggle and still have a good workout,” said Pennywell Farm owner Chris Murray.

A few more choice words: Pilates, miniature pigs, you. ❤️


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After your class you can meet the other animals who live on the farm, like very small lambs, alpacas, goats and rabbits and some very big horses. There are also free go carts rides around the farm as well as a few other fun activities.

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A Piggy Pilates class will cost you £35 (AU$63) and you can book through the Pennywell Farm website. The first class is already sold out, but you can still get tickets to the other sessions, starting with the one set for June 30. Monthly sessions are planned until September, but the farm has hinted at a few more being run in the future.


Just to be clear, these are going to be proper workouts – no half-hearted stretches here. This little piggie went to Pilates because she’s a fit lady.


If you want more animal-inspired workouts, we’ve got goat yoga in Sydney, alpaca yoga in Devon and puppy Pilates classes exist in North Carolina. Fitness has literally never been so good.

(Lead image: Pennywell Farm)

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