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7 Fun Things To Do With Your Mates In Sydney That’s Not Going For A Drink

7 Fun Things To Do With Your Mates In Sydney That’s Not Going For A Drink

8 Fun Things To Do With Friends In Sydney That Isn’t Going For A Drink

Dare we say it, but there are only so many times you can crack open a cold one with the boys before it gets a bit… boring. If you’re keen to mix things up for your next group hang, you’re in luck, because there are literally so many fun things to do in Sydney that aren’t going for a drink.

Aussies often lament that meeting up = drinking. While we’re not complaining about the bounty of amazing bars we have to choose from, sometimes you just wanna experiment.

We’ve rounded up some of the best things to do with your squad that are perfect for when you want to hang out without the drinks. (Or at least, before the drinks. Honestly, the world is cursed right now and drinking is one of our last reprieves. Go off!)

Here are 8 of the best things to do in Sydney with your friends:

#1 Escape room


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There’s an escape room for every fantasy, whether you dream about being a hardened detective, a jewel thief or even a private investigator in your own black and white 1950s adventure.

For first timers, look at one of the rooms at Strike Bowling, like Shutdown — a thriller about a rogue artificial intelligence program.

If you want more of a challenge, hit up something like The Lost Mine at Mission. The room features a human-sized hamster wheel and a social experiment. There’s $100 of real cash up for grabs in the Bank Heist game at Social Escape, and The Marlowe Hotel at The Cipher Room encourages you to wear black and white clothes to fit in with the film noir aesthetic of the room.

#2 Axe throwing


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What’s better than a break room? Maniax gives you a throwing axe, a wooden target and freedom to hurl the two together. Gather your squad and join a public session for two hours of expert training and a whole lotta fun.

Even better? You’ll get to compete to see who’s best at axe throwing and crowned the champion. Just don’t lord it over everyone else when you head out for drinks afterwards.

#3 Arcade bar


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Remember the rush you felt as a kid when you had two handfuls of tickets at the prize counter of a Time Zone? Get ready to experience that thrill all over again at several Sydney’s adults-only arcade bar in Sydney. There’s B. Lucky & Sons (although they’re not quite re-open since COVID-19, so watch that space) and the retro gaming haven of 1989 (yes, they’re open).

There are seriously awesome prizes up for grabs like a Nintendo 64, Google Home and vintage Chanel. There’s even a bar mixing up boozy cocktails, just in case you need to be one drink down before you can start winning at the air hockey table.

#4 Luna Park


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We’re pretty sure every kid who went to school in Sydney went on an excursion to Luna Park, but most people are sleeping on the joys of revisiting our very own amusement park as an adult.

The Wild Mouse rollercoaster is still loads of fun, and now you’ll finally be tall enough to ride the Moon Ranger. We’re a bit ashamed to admit we still get confused in the Mirror Maze, but dodgem cars are ageless.

Here’s a friendly PSA: the Twilight Saver ticket gets you unlimited rides after 6pm. They’re getting ready to re-open as we speak and are promising it’ll happen soon.

#5 Mini golf

Mini golf is the canvas, and Holey Moley is the artist. The putt putt geniuses in Sydney have created 27 holes (only 18 at the Newtown venue) inspired by everything from The Simpsons to Game of Thrones.

They’ve even got your crew covered for dinner, with cheap pizzas, burgers and hot dogs.

#6 Trampolining


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If you didn’t have a trampoline growing up then I’m sorry, but what did you do when your friends came over after school?

Relieve your glory days by hitting up Sky Zone, an indoor trampoline park that’s big enough for you to once again see who can jump highest.

There’s even an obstacle course for anyone who’s found themselves watching Ninja Warrior and thinking, “I could do that.” That, plus the foam pit, dodge ball courts and rock climbing walls will keep your squad entertained for hours.

#7 VR games


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Who wants to hang out in the real world when you can hang out in virtual reality? Ventus VR Arena has six different games and maps for your mates to choose from. Once you’ve got the VR headset on, you and your mates compete against each other in teams to see who can complete the objectives and score the most points.

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