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Alpaca Yoga Is Our Next Fitness Obsession

Alpaca Yoga Is Our Next Fitness Obsession

A group doing alpaca yoga in a field surrounded by alpacas at Rosebud Ranch in the UK

Our fitness goals are looking more achievable, and cuter than ever, in 2019. Alpaca yoga is our new fitness obsession and it’s exactly what it sounds like – a yoga class in a field of cute-as alpacas at a farm in the United Kingdom.

There are all kinds of yoga these days: goat yoga, laughing yoga and yoga classes held in microbreweries. But Rosebud Ranch in South Molton, Devon in the UK has entered the ring with a strong contender for the cutest variety.

The farm holds yoga classes in a field full of cuddly and curious alpacas.


Many alpacas will get up close and personal to investigate the class, and visitors can say hi to the more curious ones throughout the session.

While goat yoga is great for releasing endorphins, alpacas have a very calming effect on people. “Their calming presence reduces stress. They like you to be calm around them so naturally you drop your energy levels and relax,” the owners of Rosebud Ranch have said.


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Alpaca yoga classes run for 90 minutes, followed by snacks, and cost £30 (AU$55) per person. We’d probably pay that much just to meet the alpacas, so the fitness sesh is really a freebie if you think about it.

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Rosebud Ranch also holds Tai Chi and meditation classes with the alpacas. Don’t worry about them being overworked though – the alpacas have free roam and aren’t forced to participate in any of the sessions. But thanks to their curious nature, they almost always join in!


For more information about the classes, visit the Rosebud Ranch website.

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(Lead image: Rosebud Alpacas)

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