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9 Realistic Resolutions For 2021 That Will Benefit You No Matter What Happens

9 Realistic Resolutions For 2021 That Will Benefit You No Matter What Happens

Well, 2020 was a wild ride, wasn’t it? Beyond baking sourdough as if it could cure every existential crisis, it was a bit of a tough year for accomplishing anything that resembled a “normal” resolutions list. Although, let’s be real, the very fact we made it to the end was a big bloody success in itself.

Maybe it’s just a 2020 hangover, but I’m not heading into the new year expecting everything to magically go back to pre-Covid normal. As such, I don’t see much point setting resolutions like “see more of the world” or “spend more non-virtual time with friends”.

Instead, I’ll be focusing my energy on something more realistic, no matter what comes (knock on wood).

#1 Adopt more plant babies

Before lockdown I killed every plant I’ve ever owned. My problem wasn’t forgetting about them, it’s that I was smothering them with too much attention and love (aka, water) — which frankly also explains 95 percent of my past relationships but we won’t get into that.

Now that I’ve honed the skills, it truly makes me happy having them around the house. With any luck, in 2021 my home will become a jungle. I’m not just being crazy either, plenty of studies have found that we’re more relaxed around greenery and nature.

#2 Maintain your space

If there’s anything we all learned from 2020, it’s that your home really is your temple. I’ve always been neat, but I changed a lot of things in my room during lockdown and it made a world of difference in how claustrophobic I was feeling. I mean, I also changed houses completely, but that’s not necessary for everyone.

If you can cast your mind back to Marie Kondo, to declutter and organise your space is to de-stress. I would add to that that having a space decorated the way you want also makes you much happier to be there. It doesn’t have to mean spending a bunch of money, it can be as simple as changing a bed cover or adding a plant (re: above).

#3 Make your home more sustainable


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I strongly believe in looking after the environment (we need to live here after all), but I’m far from an environmental nut. As such, a huge, sudden, expensive eco-friendly overhaul wasn’t going to happen. What I’ve been doing instead, since about October last year, is slowly replace certain items around my home to make it a more sustainable place.

I’ve changed cleaning products to refillable and recyclable Cove, same with my shampoo and conditioner (I’m trying Bar None and finding it great so far). I bought a bunch of reusable containers and bags and try to buy groceries from those fill-it-yourself places. I was about to start a worm farm for compost, but apparently my area is getting new compost bins from the council, so no need.

I still have a long way to go, and frankly some changes just won’t work for me (sorry, but natural detergent just isn’t cleaning my clothes as well), but the point is I’m slowly but surely making my home a more sustainable place, and plan to continue improving it into 2021.

#4 That goes for your wardrobe too

This one I’ve been doing for a little longer, but very much fell off the wagon during lockdown when I started shopping to deal with everything — healthy, I know.

At my best of times I only let myself buy something if I find it secondhand. At my moderate times I make sure the brand aligns with my ethics, there’s actually a really good app called GoodOnYou that’s a huge help for this. Am I always perfect? Nope, but I’m definitely improving.

#5 Practice gratitude

Last year made it extremely easy to focus on what we didn’t have, but this year I’ve decided to learn from it and finally actively focus on being grateful for what I do have — and suddenly I feel pretty damn lucky.

You honestly can’t scroll the internet without coming upon one of a million studies showing how good this is for your happiness. Like those by leading gratitude researcher Robert Emmons which found a link between practicing gratitude and increases your happiness. Not to mention it’s also been connected to better relationships (of all kinds), better physical health, better sleep, better self-esteem and more.

#6 Embrace self care

On that note, if you haven’t already picked on on the self care movement, this is your year baby. Gone are the days of pressure to put everyone else first, now we’re recognising the importance to tend to ourselves first.

Sort out your skin care routine, take an extra long bath, meditate, keep a journal: honestly whatever it is that puts your mind at ease and keeps your body healthy, make time for it this year.

#7 Actually make a doctor’s appointment

Maybe this is just me, but I saw the doctor one time at the start of last year, about something that actually needed a follow up, then I just never went back. Yes, ok, Covid didn’t help and obviously a doctors office was the last place I was going to go, but still there’s been a long time now that I can go back, I just haven’t.

Not this year! In fact, I just booked my appointment for next week. You should too, even if it’s just an annual check up. And make notes before you go, I forget everything that’s been wrong with me the second I enter their office.

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Just going to throw in the dentist here too, go get those pearlers cared for.

#8 Keep doing your 2020 hobbies

Feel free to ignore this one if a) you didn’t jump on any hobby trends during lockdown, or b) you hated the ones you did pick up. However, if you did start a hobby that you actually really enjoyed (like my brand new cross stitch habit or the roller skates in my cupboard), keep it up.

Just because you can also add activities outside your house to the agenda this year, doesn’t mean that those hobbies won’t still bring you joy. Yes, that means everyone in my life should prepare for another year of cross stitch birthday presents.

#9 See more of Australia


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Yes, seeing more of the world seems like too much of a stretch to me, even if Qantas has started taking international booking for mid-year. If being a travel addict inn 2020 taught me anything, it’s that you should only believe it when you see it.

And what we CAN see, right now, is our own particularly stunning back yard. Not only did 2020 bring some ethical travel dilemmas back into focus, it opened a lot of our eyes to the beauty we previously overlooked for far off destinations. Travel in 2021 is all about doing it better, hitting the road, and discovering all the places we would have just flown straight over before.

If you need a little help getting your Aussie bucket list started, we’ve made one for you right here. You can thank us later.

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