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Brooklyn Is Getting The Quick-Serve Avocado Bar Of Your Dreams

Brooklyn Is Getting The Quick-Serve Avocado Bar Of Your Dreams

A restaurant in Brooklyn has opened up a a quick-serve restaurant dedicated entirely to avocados.

It’s the restaurant we’ve been working towards for years now. By endlessly ordering smashed avo and dukkah, blending it into our smoothies, and squishing it into every sandwich, our favourite trending superfood has gone beyond trend and made its way to ‘essential’ status. Thus, Avocaderia was born. We did it guys!


Avocaderia incorporates the green squishy treat into every item on the menu. Think salads, health bowls and standard breakfast fare inspired by the flavours of Mexico, Japan and Egypt. Better yet, the avos are all organic and ethically sourced.


The idea for the restaurant was sparked when part owner Francesco Brachetti was living in Mexico and realised how versatile (and yummy) the bumpy stone fruit was. Look at that. People really do find their life’s purpose overseas.

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You can visit Avocaderia in the Industry City Food Hall, 254 36th St, Brooklyn. In the meantime, you can drool over the menu here.

(Lead image: all images Avocaderia)

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