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The World’s Most Dangerous Path Is Open For Its Third Season

The World’s Most Dangerous Path Is Open For Its Third Season

The world’s most dangerous path, El Caminito del Rey, was closed to tourists for 14 years from 2001-2015. Now, thrillseekers and adventure travellers can walk the path during its third season since reopening.

The famous wooden path is bolted into a cliff face and is only 90cm wide. Sounds like a hike to get your blood truly pumping doesn’t it? That’s because it is.

And never fear – there’s an added slew of safety precautions to make sure that the path is extra secure for tourists, AKA daredevils, among us who’re brave enough.

The path itself, which was formerly collapsing and extremely dangerous, has been completely reconstructed with added railings. Visitors are also made to use hard hats.

Photo: Wikipedia Creative Commons

What makes it worth it? The valley that El Caminito winds through is spectacularly beautiful, with a gushing river greeting you below. Over the 7.7km hike, you’ll be treated to some of Spain’s most glorious natural scenery. This explains the 600,000 tourists who have opted to walk the path since 2015.

The path before it was reconstructed. Photo: Katexic Clippings Newsletter/Flickr

For all of those still skeptical about walking the path, Google Maps has made an interactive tour for you to check out that does a pretty good job of making you feel like you’re there. Nerves and all!

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For anyone who’s interested, have a look at El Caminito’s official website. Tickets to walk the path have to be bought in advance and cost around $15AUD.

(Lead image: Isa Ruiz/Flickr)

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