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Where To Find Melbourne’s Invisible Espresso Martinis

Where To Find Melbourne’s Invisible Espresso Martinis

One of the most universally beloved and easily drinkable cocktails, the espresso martini is pretty perfect as it is. But one Melbourne bar has gone full Harry Potter Potions class, creating an espresso martini that’s totally see-through.

The White Orchid was dreamed up by bartenders at Bosozoku, a Japanese biker-themed burger bar-slash-sake den in South Yarra. Rather than Kahlua or actual espresso, it’s made from Niseko Shuzo Coffee Shochu, a clear coffee-flavoured Japanese spirit, De Kuyper Crème de Cacao and Grey Goose vodka and stirred over dry ice.

The whole lot is topped with vanilla bean and white chocolate foam, along with flecks of edible gold dust. Given it’s topped with actual gold, it’ll set you back $28.

White Orchid martini Bosozoku

But, if you’re not into that (did we mention the gold?), you sure to find something you like on the extensive sake menu.

While you’re there, line your stomach with one of the many excellent burgers on offer, like Die By The Sword – a crumbed swordfish steak on a green tea brioche bun, $15 – or The Boss, a lobster tail-stuffed beetroot roll ($42). Yum.

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Bosozoku burgers

Bosozoku is located at 34 Bray Street, South Yarra, and is open 5pm to midnight, seven days a week.

(All images: Bosozoku HQ / Facebook)

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