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You Can Start Revamping Your Home From $1 With IKEA’s EOFY Sale

You Can Start Revamping Your Home From $1 With IKEA’s EOFY Sale

Through absolutely no fault of the decor’s, months spent inside has made me hate every choice I’ve ever made in decorating my home. So it’s super timely that, with exactly zero fanfare, IKEA kicked off their end of financial year sale and it’s a bloody good one.

Running until July 6, there’s a whole heap of goodies at very tempting discounts to revamp your tired four walls.

Let’s start with $100 off this pocket spring mattress. If you’ve ever had an IKEA mattress before you’ll know why they have such a high rating online.


Or, if like me you’ve realised your entire downstairs is a ridiculously dark place (thank you, Sydney townhouses), you’ll be pleased to know there’s a whole bunch of lighting options for floors, walls and tables.

My persona fave is this bamboo rattan number for under $40. Rattan is so hot right now, incase you didn’t notice.


My bedroom has also become a place I can no longer stand. I think because it’s so small and I had a lot of colour in there it was making the whole thing feel smaller, so I personally changed basically everything to white.

That’s just me though, and with IKEA slashing prices on a bunch of bedding from throws, to cushions to bedspreads — some at less than half price — you can make it your own. Personally I’m digging this cosy throw and this bedspread:

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Now to your kitchen. Sick of the mostly chipped and very mismatched mangle of plates (me)? Well you can nab more for just over $1 right now.


There’s a bunch of other random sale items too, like wooden plant pots for all your plant babies, fridges and cute chairs for your dining room. May as well revamp you space now you can actually invite people over again.

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