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Here’s How To Turn Four Days Off Into An 11-Day Holiday This April

Here’s How To Turn Four Days Off Into An 11-Day Holiday This April

Get ready to flex those flex days and turn four days of leave into one massive 11 day holiday this April. How? With a little help from our old friends, public holidays!

For the first time since 2019 (only the second time in 10 years) the Easter long weekend takes place the week before Anzac Day thus creating that wonderful side effect of public holidays known as a four day work week.

In 2022, the Easter long weekend goes from Good Friday on April 15 to Easter Monday on April 18 with a four day work week between another long weekend, Saturday April 23 – Anzac Day April 25. 

Back to back long weekends are music to anyone’s ears but for the advanced weekend warrior, it’s simply not enough…

Four = 11?

If you have at least four days of annual leave saved up, you can nearly triple your leave by taking off that short work week from Tuesday April 19 to Friday April 22. By strategically taking off that mini week sandwiched between two long weekends your four days off have magically turned into a mammoth 11 day holiday. 

Basically, you can hang up your boots on Thursday April 14 and can forget about work until Tuesday April 26, rocking up to the office incredibly well rested or gravely hungover depending on how you spent your whopping 11 days off.

Let’s be real, 11 days is a lot of time to chill out, relaxing on the couch while your taste buds slowly make the transition from hot cross buns to Anzac biccies. It’s also an opportunity to do so much more (this is travel website guys, c’mon). 

11 days is enough time to take a cruisy road trip to your favourite getaway spot or to do that multi-day bushwalk with time left over for recovery. If you’re feeling wild enough you could even resurrect your 2020 travel plans and spend a week overseas, allowing you to return to work tanned, happy, and with an armful of souvenirs for the co-workers who picked up your slack.

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And all of it for just four days off.

Be quick though! The word is already going around that this April is one of the special ones so get those leave applications in now or risk spending your four day work week looking at the luxurious Insta stories of colleagues who were quicker than you. 

Lead image: Manuel Meurisse/Unsplash

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