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8 Queensland Getaways That Make For A Perfect Long Weekend

8 Queensland Getaways That Make For A Perfect Long Weekend

Once again, a glorious long weekend is almost upon us and I, for one, plan to make the most of it. Even though so far, I have made no plans. What better place to do just that than Queensland, with its good foodie fare, stunning views and global treasures?

Here are my top eight picks for a cheeky Queensland weekender, whether you want to chill or get the adrenaline going a little. Just be aware of these need-to-know-before-you-go tips if you’re planning to head up to the Tropical North.

#1 The Great Barrier Reef

No, I don’t mean Cairns (although that’s where you’ll meet your boat. Why not make your long weekend particularly memorable by living on a boat in the middle of the GBR for the weekend? Here’s a guide to how.

#2 The QLD Wine Trail

If you prefer a more delicious and land-based activity, why not check out Queensland’s first wine trail. This self-drive journey connects 70 wineries, and six regions: including the Granite Belt, the Gold Coast Hinterland, Brisbane, the Sunshine Coast and Western Queensland.

#3 The Scenic Rim

If you’re craving stunning views and ~getting away from it all~, then the Scenic Rim is for you. From striking mountain ranges, to protected parkland, to farm-fresh produce: there’s a lot to love here. Really luxe it up in one of these eight hotels.

#4 Gwinganna Lifestyle Retreat

Speaking of luxe, maybe now is the time to try out that health retreat you’ve bee eyeing off. Not just any health retreat either, the famous Gwinganna Lifestyle Retreat in the Gold Coast hinterland. Here’s what it’s like.

#5 The Town Of 1770


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Avoid the crowds, camp right on the beach (or stay in a hotel if that’s more your vibe, but the camping here is so good), and enjoy the small down beach vibes of this coastal town. Not to mention the amazing hikes in the area.

#6 Moreton Island

We love a beautiful island that’s still easy to get to from a major city. Especially when it’s also the perfect place for a bit of adventure — like four-wheel-driving, snorkelling, diving, sandboarding, surfing and more. Check out our guide here.

#7 Julia Creek


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Usually, when you see those Insta pics of amazing bathtubs, you know there’s a huge price tag attached. Not at the caravan park in Julia Creek. These private, underground Artesian water-filled baths are free for park guests.

#8 The Gold Coast

After 2020, everything that was old is new again. Just like a classic bar crawl around the Gold Coast. We’ve even got an itinerary to get you to the best spots in one night without having to drive or catch an Uber.

(Lead image: Tourism and Events Queensland)

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