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15 Local Places Making Hand Sanitiser Now So You Can Make Cleanliness Cooler

15 Local Places Making Hand Sanitiser Now So You Can Make Cleanliness Cooler

An unusual side-effect of our current situation is that getting your hand sanitiser from the grocery store is SO 2019 now. For one thing, it’s been next to impossible to find in your usual spots since panic buying took its toll. For another, how very boring when a whole bunch of fun and unexpected productions lines have answer the call and started producing their own.

Seeing the need for a lot more hand sanitiser, fast, Australia’s medicines regulator changed its rules to allow more businesses to produce it without needing government approval. Don’t worry, this change comes with the stipulation that new producers could only use one of two World Health Organisation recipes to ensure they’re up to standard.

Following the announcement of places like Bundaberg Rum and Carlton & United Breweries making their own hand sanitisers and donating them to frontline medical staff, many local joints have joined in.

From local breweries to organic skincare labels, here are the best hand sanitiser brands in Australia right now.

#1 Saba Organics


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Saba Organics has been producing certified organic skincare for a long time now, but their 70% hand sanitiser is more useful than ever. Just a couple of sprays onto your hand, rub it in and you’re laughing. It also actually smells SO good, with lavender, rose and kakadu plum, as well as a scent free one.

#2 July

On that note, if you’re looking to nab a few at a time, Saba Organics have partnered with Aussie travel startup July to make the Travel Well Kit. Get two organic Saba hand sanitiser and two mouth fresheners in a cute travel box for $50 or free using the code ‘FRESH’ when you purchase any travel case. Supporting two Aussie brands and staying safe? Yup.

#3 Manly Spirits Co.


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Coming soon! It’s not quite business as usual here at Manly Spirits Co. Distillery. We’ve had a number of local charities and organisations contact us in desperate need of sanitiser for their operations. We knew that making hand sanitiser available for these groups was simply our part to play in these crazy times… and what a wild ride it has been!⁠ ⁠ The Manly Spirits Team have spent the last week making this happen, and while there have been some massive hurdles — like there being a nation-wide shortage of containers — we have been overwhelmed by the response of our community coming together and offering solutions. ⁠ ⁠ From next week, we will be supplying 20 x 5L containers of hand sanitiser to local community groups and organisation. If you are a local charity or organisation in need, please get in contact with us by emailing [email protected] ⁠ ⁠ Plus, all of our amazing Manly Spirits customers will receive a FREE 50ml Manly Spirits Hand Sanitiser with Gin Aroma, with every purchase. ⁠ A special thanks to our Brookvale friends, Ecowash Solutions, for donating 5L containers & pumps and making it possible to help our community. ⁠ ⁠ If you have access to 5L dangerous goods plastic containers with a pump, and you want to donate, please also get in contact with us!⁠

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Why not order your gin and a Gin Aroma hand sanitiser at once? Sydney distillers Manly Spirits Co are giving away 50 millilitre bottles with every full-size spirit purchase (they do vodka and whisky too) — it’s one per customer though so don’t get greedy. Plus they have five litre tubs for community organisations.

#4 Third Drawer Down

Who says hand sanitiser can’t be artistic? Not Melbourne-based design shop Third Drawer Down. Each pump bottle is covered in fun artworks by either David Shrigley or Magda Archer, not to mention they have some pretty playful names. Starting from $12.50, they’re available in 500, 150 or 100 millilitre sizes.

#5 St Ali Coffee Roasters


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How is everyone holding up? We would like to help if we can. We think we can help by engaging in creativity. It’s Day 6 of stage 3 lockdown and 95 days from when we understood we had a potential pandemic on our hands. A dear friend of ours said the quicker we can accept that things won’t be the same again the quicker we can get on with making something of what we have and recalibrating our framework. Perhaps we can take ST ALi on line as a total virtual experience for now or maybe we run online tutorials from 7am to 7pm daily. We have always engaged in magical thinking and we always turn unreasonable into reasonable requests. So please reach out with any ideas you have on DM and we will try to make it happen. That is how this hand sanitizer came about – in 15 days we re-deployed our coffee crew into hand sanitizer production. We are super proud and we now are full production. As we develop further we will range some different things. We are also donating some bottles to communities in dire need. If you want to nominate some please DM us as well. We are also taking wholesale orders from Monday. Go on line to order or follow link in bio. Stay safe, stay clean and be kind 100% Australian ingredients made to the WHO recipe – min 75% alcohol #handsanitiser

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I know, what is Melbourne coffee empire St Ali doing making hand sani? These are the times we live in. They’ve partnered with local water-treatment company HydroChem to make 250 and 500 millilitre pump bottles, each one reminding you to “Be Calm, Be Kind, Be Clean”.

#6 Earp Distilling Co


*Celebrate* Our new #stayhome packs are in stock and available online NOW!


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Newcastle’s family-run distillery Earp Distilling Co have added hand sanitiser to the list of drinks they’ve been making since 1883. Be warned, there have been actual lines out the door for this stuff so they’ve had to ration it to five litres per person per day, but that’s still very generous.

#7 Archie Rose Distilling Co


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Waiting on the first batch of Archie Rose Hand Sanitiser? We hear you. We as a business and team, along with the retail and hospitality industries—and all Australians—are facing incredibly difficult times which includes today’s shutdown of bar service at the Archie Rose Bar in Rosebery, Sydney. This sadly impacts our 20-plus bar and hospitality team. In an effort to bolster supplies nationwide and maintain the employment of as many of our team as possible, we have now re-allocated our spirits production capacity to hand sanitiser, with approximately 4,500 x 500ml bottles available to purchase via the Archie Rose website right now. The product formulation follows the World Health Organisation guidelines for effective and safe sanitiser, while also featuring Archie Rose’s own natural grapefruit, cassia, cardamom and thyme botanical distillates from our gin production. According to our founder, Will Edwards: “We’re in a unique position to manufacture this essential product —with the required federal licences, dangerous goods approvals, access to raw materials and expertise—and so we’re now making hand sanitiser our production focus. We will continue to produce sanitiser for as long as we can, or as long as is required, and this will also support the redeployment of as many of our full time bar staff as possible to assist in filling, packaging and shipping the product.” Pre-order begins now at $20 per bottle with a purchase limit of 6 bottles per person to ensure as many people as possible get fair access to this product. The first batch will leave the distillery this Thursday 26 March. Link in bio.

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Archie Rose Distilling Co is a Sydney gin and whisky institution, and they’ve now answered the demand for hand sani. I’m not going to lie though, they’re selling out even before the new batches are full ready to go, so get on that list immediately and cross your fingers.

#8 Grown Alchemist

Popular Aussie beauty brand Grown Alchemist has added two new products to their organic skincare range: the 50 millilitre spray bottle of Hydra-Hand Sanitiser for $40, and the Hydra-Gel Hand Sanitiser in 50 millilitre bottles for $15 or500 millilitre bottles for $55. So yes, you can pick your fave way to sanitise.

#9 Perfect Potion


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A little aromatherapy can’t hurt us at the moment, which is the bread and butter of Queensland skincare brand Perfect Potion. Using essential oils and plant extracts of tea tree, lemon and lavender oils, they’ve created their own 50 and 250 millilitre spray bottles of hand sanitiser.

#10 Four Pillars


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Famous for its Bloody Shiraz Gin, Victorian gin distillery Four Pillars is now in the cleanliness game. They’re producing one-litre bottles of hand sanitiser, which they’ve named Heads, Tails and Clean Hands. Each bottle is going for $40 and they’ve limited purchases to five per customer.

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#11 Aesop

Arguably the most famous skincare brand coming out of Melbourne, Aesop have started making a Resurrection Rinse-Free Hand Wash. The formula is made to be non-sticky as well, hallelujah, but is made with mandarin rind, rosemary leaf and cedar. It’s another popular one, expected to return end of April.

#12 Prohibition Liquor Co


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You may have heard – PLC HAND SANITISER – it’s real! Apart from trying to remain business as usual with supplying gin to all our customers by keeping online deliveries going, we asked, “What can a distillery do to help fight the COVID-19 crisis?… Make a hand sanitiser.” Like everyone else out there, we were searching everywhere for a hand sanitiser for our venue to ensure we keep our staff and customers safe, and like everyone else we simply couldn’t buy it. Being a distillery and having access to high strength alcohol we decided to make a small batch of our own. Let’s start by saying we are not in the hand sanitiser business and don’t intend to be, but we figured if we are going to make it for ourselves, why not make a small batch for the broader Prohibition Family? We have produced just 200 bottles of this product, bottled in a 100ml glass bottle, juniper scented spray hand sanitiser. Whilst it is just a small batch, its our way of giving back, so apart from using it in our venue we will also be giving a bottle away with every bottle of gin (500ml/700ml) sold until stocks run out. If you prefer to stay indoors, we are still here for you. Our website is accessible 24/7 and we will continue to supply our gin nationwide with free home delivery. If there should be any changes we will endeavour to keep you updated as we are informed. Prohibition was born out of passion and love – love of gin and love of our customers and community. There is nothing we care about more than your safety and well-being. We thank you for your continued support as we all navigate through these uncertain times. We look forward to a brighter future in the coming months. Until then, take care of yourselves, stay safe and be kind. We’re all in this together. Cheers @prohibitionliquor Team #sanitiser #sanitizer #supportlocal #givingback

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Over in South Australia, small-batch craft gin distillery Prohibition Liquor Co added a juniper-scented hand sanitiser to its line up. You can’t buy it on its own, but a 100 millilitre bottle comes free when you buy a full-size bottle of gin. As if you needed another excuse to treat yourself.

#13 Karst Stone Paper


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Those who have followed our brand know that we’ve always been committed to helping people and planet. Upon our founding, sustainability & environmental concerns seemed the chief global problem facing our society, and we’ve worked to create a sustainable, innovative alternative to paper that works to restore forests, not decimate them.⁠ ⁠ But now, we face an even more urgent and mounting global health issue.⁠ ⁠ While doctors and scientists work to find a cure for this virus, the facts are pretty simple: Australia needs as much hand sanitiser as it can get, and we can make it, package it, and deliver it. So, for as long as COVID-19 remains the biggest global challenge facing our society, Karst will work to supply #karstsanitiser to those who need it.⁠ ⁠ Please note that due to high demand this stock is limited and will be dispatched on a first come first serve basis. Please click the link in bio to learn more.

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On a normal day, Karst Stone Paper turn mining and construction waste into beautiful stationery. Given the state of things, they’ve teamed up with personal-care supply-chain network Rescue (founded by people who lost their jobs) to make hand sanitiser. Once again, stock is limited so get in quick.

#14 Mr Black


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We’ve been overwhelmed by requests for hand sanitiser from both our local community and afar. In the background we have been busy supplying our local pharmacies and healthcare providers with the alcohol they need to help those that need it most. We are now making @who recipe navy-strength hand-sanitiser available to all who need it. For the very reasonable cost of $19.95 for a half litre refill pack, it’s available online from our website. It’ll start shipping from Wednesday. NOTE: It is not available for collection from our distillery. We’d love to, but that’s not possible. It’s not lost on us that this is the second time in as many months that the community has called for help. First the bushfires, and now a global pandemic. These are not good times. Beside the devastating human impact, the widespread shuttering of bars and restaurants around the world has caused a heartbreaking loss for many business owners and staff alike. At Mr Black, over 60% of our business is supplying the world’s best bars and restaurants, and we too have felt a profound impact on our business. Thanks for your support yesterday, today and tomorrow – we wouldn’t exist without you. Much love from the Mr Black team #mrblack

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You may covet Mr Black for their craft coffee liqueur, but now you can love their newest product too. In partnership with Central Coast distiller Distillery Botanica, they’re making the Love Thy Neighbour hand sanitiser. A good message and a good way to stay healthy.

#15 Brix Distillers


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Sydney rum makers Brix Distillers have also added a hand sanitiser to their offerings. You can buy them in 300, 200 and 700 millilitre sizes starting at $28. Or you could nab yourself one for free when you purchase a bottle of rum, which sounds like the better option to me.

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