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Broadway Buffs, Unite: You Can Now Go On A ‘Hamilton’ Inspired Walking Tour Of NY

Broadway Buffs, Unite: You Can Now Go On A ‘Hamilton’ Inspired Walking Tour Of NY

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Frustrated that Hamilton still hasn’t made its way down under in the four years since the award-winning rap musical first hit Broadway? Well then, why not skip the production and go straight for the real thing?

That’s right, Lin-Manuel Miranda might not love us enough to bring his historical epic down under (not quite yet, anyway) but that doesn’t mean intrepid Aussies can’t soak up the real story that inspired the ground-breaking, genre-shaping production.


Urban Adventures, well-known for their extensive list of pop-culture influenced US walking tours, are currently offering a Hamilton-inspired tour around New York.

Pit stops include Alexander Hamilton’s final resting place (spoilers for Hamilton, I guess?), Lower Manhattan’s Trinity Church; the birthplace of the New York Stock Exchange and the world-famous Wall Street; the tavern where Hamilton and his sworn arch enemy Aaron Burr slurped down a beer before their infamously bloody duel; and the best cuisine that New York’s frantic financial sector has to offer.


Of course, the tour has been specially designed for Hamilton fans, but that doesn’t restrict people with only a scant knowledge of the musical from heading along. Lower Manhattan is beautiful in and of its own right, full of stunning architecture, and Hamilton was a pivotal figure in the story of the United States’ formation — a founding father and driving force behind the development of the American financial system.

So trust us: this is a tour that’ll appeal to geography and history buffs, as well as your workaday Broadway nut.


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Better still, it’s totally affordable — a ticket to the adorably named Hamilton Happy Hour tour will set you back a mere US$30 (AU$41.80). That means you’ll have some cash left over to head over to Broadway and plonk down for some Hamilton tickets (if you can make it onto the waiting list, mind you).

Oh, and while we’re on New York, why not check out our guide to the NYC’s best secret spots?

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(Lead image: Fraunt’s Tavern, Wikimedia Commons)

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