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These Free Virtual Group Tours Will Show You The World From The Comfort Of Your Couch

These Free Virtual Group Tours Will Show You The World From The Comfort Of Your Couch

Those of us who froth travel are feeling a little lost and confused at the moment. Oh sure, that’s probably because of a worldwide pandemic that’s unprecedented in our lifetimes, but also it’s because we’re used to either travelling, or planning our next travels, at any given time.

I’m fully willing to admit there are worse things than a serious case of Itchy Feet, but it’s still uncomfortable. So how do we remedy our wanderlust? We take a free virtual tour of the world through G Adventures, obviously.

You probably already know them well for their IRL tours around the world. Well now you can save on flights, and forget the packing agony.


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Simply sign up to one of the new G Adventures Virtual Travel Experiences, then log on to Zoom to meet your small group of 16 people. Next thing you know, you’re connecting with the world while never breaking lockdown guidelines.

“Travelling is about tackling distance, breaking down barriers, and bringing people from around the world together” says Managing Director of G Adventures in Australia and New Zealand, Adrian Piotto.

“G Adventures has always created community through shared experiences, and while travellers can’t come together in person right now, they can still connect and dream about where they want to go next using the gift of technology.”


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G Adventures Virtual Travel Experiences take you all over the world. The first tour saw armchair travellers exploring five different locations with their local guide throughout Italy during the hour long ‘trip’. Heck, they’ll even give you food and drink suggestions before you kick off. The next tours are set to explore Guatemala, Argentina, Vietnam and more.

G Adventures have also launched weekly virtual walking tours through cities like Florence, Buenos Aires, Antigua in Guatemala, Cape Town and Hanoi.

They even have ‘Virtual Moments’ experiences live on their Instagram and Facebook pages, showing you a new skill from somewhere around the world. Think learning to salsa, speak Italian, the art of origami, or mastering Vietnamese cuisine.

So basically, it’s the most fun and adventure you can have from the health and safety of your own home. Also, did I mention they’re all free?

“Wanderlust, curiosity and connection are in our DNA here at G Adventures,” Piotto says. A sentiment I can get behind.

Sign us up, I say. Check out upcoming tours and guides over on the G Adventures website.

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