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Recreate The Royals’ Tour Of Poland And Germany At These Tourist Spots

Recreate The Royals’ Tour Of Poland And Germany At These Tourist Spots

Lorde might reckon we’ll never be royals, but we like to think you can still travel like one. If you have the right itinerary, that is.

Just this week, our fav royal couple William and Kate set off on a five-day tour of Poland and Germany and their entire itinerary has been shared online — and first-timers can learn a lot from their hectic schedule. Here are seven highlights from the trip.

Warsaw Rising Museum

Photo: Wikipedia Creative Commons

Dedicated to the 1944 Polish uprising, the Warsaw Rising Museum tells the tale of the Polish Underground State and their efforts to banish Nazi occupation from the country. While they were sadly unsuccessful, the uprising is acknowledged as the largest single-military feat of resistance in World War II.

The museum tells the super interesting and oft-acknowledged story of the resistance through artefacts, personal accounts and historical facts. Entry is $6 AUD or free on Sundays.

The Old Orangery

Photo: Wikipedia Creative Commons

The Old Orangery is located in Łazienki Park, a lush, green paradise in the otherwise large and all-consuming city of Warsaw. The Orangery is a gorgeous, architecturally renowned greenhouse and theatre that’ll leave you gobsmacked as you walk through it.


Photo: Wikipedia Creative Commons

Stutthof is a former World War II concentration camp turned memorial site that serves to commemorate the atrocities that occurred during German occupation. Over the course of the war, 110,000 people were held captive at Stutthof. The aim of the memorial is to remember these victims, both the living and the 65,000 lost, through their stories, possessions and historical facts.


Gdansk Poland Gdańsk

Gdansk’s rows of historic buildings, charming cobblestone streets, centuries-old museums, monuments, street art and delightful harbour make it a tiny microcosm of everything good about Europe.

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While the royal couple were here, they sampled traditional Polish pierogi and Goldwasser, a traditional Gdansk liquor. It’d be rude if you didn’t do the same, really.

Holocaust Memorial

Photo: Wikipedia Creative Commons

Once the Royal couple hit Berlin, they’ll wave hello to crowds at the Brandenburg Gates before moving on to the Holocaust Memorial for the Jewish victims of World War II. The unconventional memorial is made up of 2711 uneven concrete slabs that create a feeling of uneasiness as you walk through. It’s a must-see in Berlin.


heidelberg 2

Heidelberg is the oldest university town in Germany, and a very lovely one at that. You can stroll through the enchanting old town, visit the ruins of Heidelberg castle and do the Philosopher’s Walk. Or, like Kate and Will, you can take part in a rowing race against Cambridge.


Photo: Elbphilharmonie

Hamburg’s Elbphilharmonie is one of the Royal couple’s last stops and they’re truly finishing on a high note. Just look at that beautiful building. The huge concert hall is an architectural feat and a true delight inside and out.

(Lead image: Wikipedia Creative Commons)

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