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Here’s How You Can Get Paid To Work In Antarctica Next Year

Here’s How You Can Get Paid To Work In Antarctica Next Year

Keen to drastically change up your routine next year? How does Antarctica sound? An Australian government agency is looking for intrepid travellers to work on the far-flung continent over the 2020/21 season – and the pay is very attractive.

The Australian Antarctic Division wants to fill over 150 ‘expeditioner’ roles, with most related to the upkeep of Australia’s research stations. The callout applies to tradespeople like plumbers, electricians, mechanics and carpenters, plus chefs, engineers, communication operators and station leaders.

Because this is government work, the salaries are available for all to assess. The yearly base salaries range from $66K for a communications operator to $199K for a medical practitioner. Crucially, though, every role also includes Antarctic Duty Allowances totalling $60K per annum.

Recreation leave can’t be taken in Antarctica, but your 20 days per annum can be paid out on return to Australia. And while there’s not exactly a restaurant scene on the frozen continent, all meals will be prepared for you.

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Naturally, working in Antarctica isn’t an easy payday. You have to be ready to work in confined spaces and extreme conditions, with temperatures going as low as -45 degrees Celsius. Applicants will also undergo a a rigorous medical and psychological assessment to ensure they’re fit to work. The Australian Antarctic Division also warns about the effects of separation from family and friends.

On the plus side, successful applicants will experience an incredible part of the world, including rarely-sighted Antarctic animals like penguins and seals. For adventure seekers with nerves of steel, this might just be a dream opportunity. You can check out the full listings here. Applications close on January 23, 2020.

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